Hammer With Wooden/Fibre Handle



Insulated Rubber Mallet Hammer With Wooden/Fibre Handle

Hammer With Wooden/Fibre Handle

Unique machine-finished round edges on both sides to stand against rust and metal chipping while industrial usage.
Superior imported fiber is applied to the handle to avoid any breakage between head and handle.

Company Perfect Tools

Made In China

Available Sizes:

1 KG

1.5 KG

2 KG

2.5 KG

3 KG

4 Kg

5 KG

6 KG

7 KG

8 Kg

10 KG

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Sizes Of Hammers

Hammer Size 1.5KG, Hammer Size 10KG, Hammer Size 1KG, Hammer Size 2.5KG, Hammer Size 2KG, Hammer Size 3KG, Hammer Size 4KG, Hammer Size 5KG, Hammer Size 6KG, Hammer Size 7KG, Hammer Size 8KG

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